Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Dane and I (well.. i guess just me...anyways)
we made a new blog

I am back to blogging :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

a series of unfortunate events

this past week has been one of the worst sicknesses I have yet to experience...
It started when I went to the oral surgeon to get my wisdom teeth out on friday the 2nd. everything was fine, i was feeling fine until sunday when I got sick and I thought it was because of the painkillers I had from my wisdom teeth. I stopped taking the meds and I was still sick on Monday. I wasn't sure what was causing me to get sick, but I did know that these are the last few weeks of classes before finals and I couldn't afford to be sick.
I called my teacher Monday because I had a test that night for BIO and explained that I must have had a 24 hour flu and I would need extra time.
I wake up Tuesday still not feeling well or able to eat but I thought I was getting better until that night..
I have never been more miserable then I was that Tuesday night, I was losing everything in my stomach when all it came down to was stomach acid (pretty huh?)
I called my mom every hour not sure what I should do. I went in as soon as urgent care opened on Wednesday and they immediately hooked me up to an IV and started my drip because I was completely dehydrated.I went through 2 and 1/2 liters on Wednesday and Dane was wonderful and came down to sit with me in the small room and take care of me. I was probably there for 4 hours or so. They left the needles in my arm and told me to come back in the morning. That night, I got sick again. I was so frustrated because I thought I was getting better and I was so thirsty and I couldn't keep anything down.Dane had to go back to school on Thursday so I went into the Urgent Care again and they started another IV but this time for calorie intake because I basically had nothing keeping me going to help me get better. This day was bad, I was stuck in this little room alone for almost 7 hours. I was going insane. All I wanted to do was feel better and be able to drink and eat without being scared.
I finally got to eat some things without feeling sick recently and they said my diet should be back within a week and hopefully get my energy back as well.
This week was awful but I am lucky to have Dane and his family up here to take care of me. They were a lot of help this week for me.
Now I am just stressing out because of Finals coming up, the classes I missed and the assignments I have to turn in late.(and I probably shouldnt be blogging with everything I have to do..whoops_)
Only a week left! I can do it.. I hope.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I feel like my life consists of multiple countdowns
everyday something else comes up that I look ahead for.
some good. some bad.

{ 1 } more night until I fly home to do wedding plans, bridal shower
{ 5 } more nights until Dane returns from France
[I'm getting anxious. hurry hurry]
{ 9 } more nights until I have to get my wisdom teeth out. ugh. [not happy for this]
{28} more nights until I can enjoy summer without school. yay!
{43} more nights until all of my family comes up to UT
[pre-wedding events]
{48} more nights until Dane and I leave for CA
{52} more nights until we are married.

Sometimes I feel like these dates are getting further away
just like the galloping scene in
Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Friday, March 19, 2010

thanks mom

The doorbell rang at my apartment today
and I was greeted with an anthropologie package
with my name on it.
My mom sent me this sweater and these wedges to cheer me up
because Dane left for Europe a few days ago and wont be back for a while.. hmmph

They are super cute and I love how they fit.
Thank You Mom for looking out for me.

new SLC apartment

I went and signed for a lease on an apartment today
and it is officially ours. yay!
I have been so anxious this week that it wouldn't work out.
It does need a lot of work, but it is in the perfect location right next to the University of Utah
Here is a little tour, suggestions please about what to do...
This is the house, its a tri-plex and we have the whole upstairs section

this is the entry way and stairs you walk up to our place

you walk up the stairs and to your left is the bath room.

to the right when you come up the stairs is the bedroom
(the colors in the house are hideous)
(bedroom entrance)

This is the bedroom with a green green wall.. yikes.
its a cozy size, and in the back is the walk in closet that dane and i will love.

this is the living room. I love how much light gets in this apartment during the day. It is so bright and i absolutely love that.

this is the view from the windows and you can see the book case to the left and the interesting bright pink paint on the walls in the hall. That same color is in the dining room too.

you can see the entrance to the dining room on the right and the kitchen...

this is the view of the dining room
again, interesting color on one wall..

the kitchen is pretty nice except for the missing cabinet on the left..

this is the hall way with extra storage that will be really nice to have

and finally the view leaving our apartment out our door down the stairs.

I really would love to paint the apartment. I just don't know what colors to do.
If I can only paint one room it would be the bedroom. That green will make me go crazy. I couldn't do it. I was thinking about a lighter slate blue in that bedroom. In the living room I might try a pale butter yellow color and the dining room I am just not sure. I don't even know if those colors will work. I need help!
PS when you first walk in, there is the strangest smell but it leaves when you travel up the stairs. Other than that I am so excited about this place. There is so much character in here than you can get in any normal apartment. We had the best feeling being in there and we are very excited we could get it all finalized. Plus it is right across from the pie. cheese pull aparts anyone?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

for dane deux

Elise did such a great job! I love our engagement pictures
I was posting these to show Dane who left for Europe yesterday
what am I going to do!?

for dane

which one which one?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

engagement pictures

my dear friend elise took our engagement pictures this past week.
It was so much fun and she did an awesome job.
Check them out here on her blog
and then you can view more at the bottom of her post
Now we just have to pick one :)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

polaroids and photobooths

I finally got around to scanning some pictures that we took with my polaroid camera my mom got me for christmas

dane and i rode the train last week

this one was all the way from new years eve.

and finally when we went to california in january

I should take more pictures
I should post them
I should post more wedding plans
i'll try :)

Saturday, February 20, 2010


I'm Engaged :)
Dane and I are getting married May 15th
in California
We are so excited!

my engagement string
i love it :)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

love one another

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I am so very happy and FREE!

I'll update soon with pictures of the past month

Saturday, December 26, 2009

merry christmas

no snow. no ice. weather above 65 degrees.
no one could ask for better weather around christmas time at home.
dane came to visit my family and I for the weekend before christmas and it was a blast having him come home with me.

here are a few photos the week of christmas...

the "gingerbread" sand castle made up of everything from ritz, to m&ms, cereal, pastries you name it. the Ritz Carlton always makes an amazing display.

before the christmas concert noah participated in that my home stake put on

we had a lot of beach time jumping from dana point to laguna down to san clemente. trying to show him all my favorite spots in so little time.

christmas is always a fun event at my house with the little ones.
here is faye so organized and heading straight for her room right after.

Tess also talked me into a "photoshoot" for her and her friend ruby on christmas day.

Christmas Day.. pretty huh?

it beats being in 18 degree weather thats for su

cool rock sculptures down by the harbor.

it's incredible how they do them

Monday, December 14, 2009

snow snow ice snow

This weekend turned out to be more intense and crazy then it should have been.
It started out on Friday when I threw together a big group date that could have turned horribly wrong. Around 8 couples came over Friday night for a snowman building contest(the snow was way too powdery for that so it fell through..) and christmas games with hot chocolate and tim-tam slams. {tim tam slams are when you take a Tim Tam aussie cookie and bite off the opposite corners and use the waferish cookie as a straw for your hot chocolate}
We played Christmas pictionary, and a Christmas name game.
It was a lot of fun getting everyone together for a game night, I was worried it wouldn't work out because it came together last minute. Dane played host with me by entertaining and making the hot chocolate which helped me out a lot.

Friday was awesome but it was Saturday night that i still can't believe i had to go through...

Our friend Matt invited a bunch of people to head up to his cabin Saturday night up near park city. Great! i thought that sounded like it would be a lot of fun and there is snowmobiling and being with friends what could go wrong?
While we were there is was fun and i rode a snowmobile for the first time.
Dane was driving and as we were driving down towards the house he sees on the side of the trail a hill of powder that would be fun to try and make it up the side and back down.
Apparently you have to lean into the turn on the snowmobile.. I wish i remembered this useful information because as we come back down after creating our own trail i didn't turn into the turn and we start tipping. I didn't actually think i could make this huge machine close to tipping over, that makes a girl feel good about herself.. but sure enough there we go. I just bail as he tries to keep the from falling on me, it's a good thing he's strong, but i still won't let him forget that he threw me from the and how i almost died :) {of course i exaggerated a tad}

on the snowmobile

snowmobile tracks

while we are at the cabin the snow just starts to come down heavy and people start to worry about getting snowed in and being able to get home to study for finals and other things they had to do. Half the group wanted to stay and drive during the day light, the other half wanted to leave. Thinking back we should have just stayed because driving at night in a storm is one of the scariest things i have had to do.
The roads were no where near plowed and when we did see plows they were always going the opposite way. My dream would have been to follow a plow all the way home.
We all head out from the cabin and 4 cars head to provo and 2 cars split to salt lake.
I am driving my truck (which i didn't want to drive in the first place) and I make our friend taylor get in my front seat so he can coach me while i drive through the snow.
I was tense the whole way trying to follow the tracks in front of me and trying not to break and slide and it was a disaster. The car that we were following was an all-wheel drive and they took off. They were so far ahead of us that we had no idea where to go and couldnt see his tracks anymore that we had to call him and remind him to stay close so that the california and arizona drivers can follow. We were only able to drive 10-30mph the whole time. The car behind me got stuck twice and once spinning out, the car in front of me drove off the rode into 3 feet of powder, danes car going to salt lake spun out into a 360 stopping just 2 feet away from the pole. I felt like i had pretty decent control over my truck the whole time with occasional sliding and hydroplane on snow. It took us 3 hours to get home when normally it takes about 2, and getting there took us 3 hours as well because we got lost quite a bit.
I do not like driving in the snow, and i definitely never want to drive in it for 6 hours in one day. I am so so glad we are all back safely, we should have just stayed the night because the visibility driving in the storm was terrible, and since we were doing it at night didn't help either.
I guess on the bright side, i have some experience for driving in terrible conditions...

from the date night friday making the hot chocolate